Investment Services

Successful Investing begins with clearly defined goals: building a family business, planning for retirement, passing on a legacy. Your goals direct your investment strategy.

Our investment managers must first understand what you need and want to accomplish with the capital you entrust us to manage. We will work extensively with you to define your investment objectives, assess your risk tolerances and, finally, design a strategy to achieve your objectives.
The ideal blend of assets is one that maximizes the return potential of your portfolio while keeping you comfortable with the risk involved. Once we understand your investment goals and desired safety level, we then build your investment portfolio with individual securities to achieve this optimum balance. Typically, fixed income investments are introduced to your portfolio to increase current income and reduce volatility, while equity investments are used to expose the portfolio to growth opportunities. 
We offer portfolio diversification through our Core and Satellite approach. Depending on your objectives, you may consider supplementing your core holdings with additional asset classes which may offer lower portfolio volatility.  Examples include non-proprietary institutional class Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in the US Small Cap, US Mid Cap and International markets. We also offer alternative investments such as Commodities, High Yield and Real Estate.
Managing information is fundamental to managing money.  As an investor today, you have ready access to more information than ever before. But do you really have the right information, or the time and resources to bring that information into critical focus?
We do.
Strategy for the serious investor focuses on the future. Investing is a long term proposition. Wise investing is a lifetime process.
At Hilliard Lyons Trust Company we adhere to a philosophy emphasizing long term ownership of high quality businesses. We seek consistent, steady returns without assuming excessive risk or generating costly portfolio turnover. It is a strategy designed both to preserve and enhance our clients' wealth. We believe our approach meaningfully reduces the risk of significant and permanent loss of capital and yet, affords ample opportunity for superior returns.